3 Things To Know When Working With A Recruiter

3 Things To Know When Working With A Recruiter

A skilled recruiter can make a big difference when you’re searching for a new job. A recruiter may reach out to you if they think you are a good fit for one of their job openings or you may seek out the recruiter yourself. Whatever the case may be, the following tips will help you prepare to work effectively with a recruiter so you can gain the most from your partnership with them.

1. Recruiters often seek candidates with previous experience

The best candidates for working with a recruiter are candidates with a straight-line, traditional career trajectory (and very few job changes). This is because companies hire recruiters to identify candidates who can demonstrate a commitment to a particular career or skill set, with steady growth toward a senior-level role in their area of expertise.

Thus recruiters may not reach out to you, if you have been job-hopping. However when you contact them, the key is to be able to explain your career moves and experience, and demonstrate that you are the right candidate for the job. You are more likely to be contacted by recruiters if your LinkedIn profile is optimized and you have demonstrated success in the areas their clients are looking to hire.

2. A Recruiter’s Mission Is To Focus On Their Client’s Needs

What many job seekers fail to understand is that the recruiters are not the final decision makers, their clients take the decision whether to accept your candidature or not. If you can meet an employer’s specifications, a recruiter will be delighted to work with you. However in some cases, it may be difficult for recruiters to convince their clients to accept your candidacy, especially if your background does not align with the company’s needs.

A recruiter must also be convinced that you represent a true cultural fit within the company, not just a strong set of credentials. In the end, the recruiter’s professional reputation stands or falls on their ability to find both the ideal candidate and the perfect fit.

3. Your CV Must Be Ready To Present To Their Clients

Your CV will typically be requested by recruiters before you are interviewed. Before sending it across, ensure that your CV is up to date and current as most recruiters will have difficulty selling a job seeker as a viable candidate when they receive a CV that undercuts the job seeker’s abilities.

To ensure that you have a marketable and optimized CV, consider working with a professional writing service. Or at the very least ask your colleagues to critique or suggest changes to your CV if it hasn’t been reviewed yet. Others can often see qualities in your background that you may not have noticed, and their recommendations can make the difference between getting a positive response from a recruiter or not.

Keep the above tips in mind when working with recruiters to create a partnership that will help you land your next job. The job market is highly competitive, and recruiters can assist you in navigating it. If you are realistic about your expectations and aware of your role, working with recruiters can be very effective.

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