3 Ways COVID-19 Is Impacting The Hiring Process

3 ways covid

As we enter the month of April, it is evident that 2020 has been a year that will be a changing point for many companies, small and large. The economic landscape is at a very precarious position while a large number of individuals adapt to either working from home or are put on unpaid vacation due to the uncertainty caused by coronavirus, COVID-19. As the coronavirus reaches a decisive point, most businesses are ensuring preventive methods with current employees and the prospective ones that are to be hired. Most organizations are taking measures to prevent the advancement of this virus by suspending meetings and conference, implementing employee travel bans, and requesting employees to work remotely.

Along with taking measures to keep the current staff healthy, companies are also concerned about protecting prospective candidates, by implementing special policies for hiring.

1. Use of Digital and Collaborative Tools

To prevent and minimize the possible spread of the virus, organizations are transitioning from in-person, Face-to-face (F2F) interviews to video calls using applications such as Zoom, Skype, etc. Although not entirely new, the process of video interviews has become extremely popular over the last few months with interviewers opting for video calls as the preferred mode of communication. In these times, as well as the near future, job seekers should be prepared well to attend interview conducted through phone and video mediums. Agile Consultants has put together a few tips for a successful phone/video job interview.

2. Entirely freezing the hiring process 

While ceasing hiring is understandable in the short term, it is unclear how long the coronavirus will continue and also how long after the pandemic is controlled will work and businesses fully resume to normal. Stopping hiring permanently for a long period of time could bring in negative effects on business, and a lot of employees are also concerned about that very outcome. The business outlook perspectives from employees in countries that are affected with the outbreak are trending downward, according to Glassdoor data.

3. Delayed hiring 

Another route taken by the businesses are is to delay the recruitment process. Instead of stopping hiring altogether, most organizations are conducting the interview process via video, but still waiting to invite the hire into the office. This is the best possible solution for organizations at this given point. From an employer’s hiring vision, the best thing companies can implement right now is to consider this current situation as a delay, in terms of the placements that are going to be made. This is what job seekers also need to know about the pandemic. The COVID-19 has the potential that can cause for a recession to occur, but it also has the potential to be worked through the system and become a memory within a month.

Agile Consultants is in constant contact with our clients to understand their immediate and long term needs. Also, we shall continue to reach out to new clients and we will consistently be working to add new roles for our patrons.

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