5 great tips to strike an instant connect that can help you get a new job


The importance and the impact of networking have received a lot of study and significant evidence in recent years. Though the results of these reports may vary to some extent, but all agree that it’s definitely a popular way to get a job. Some experts quote that as much as 70 percent of people landed their current job, thanks to networking. Others claim that number to be as high as 80 percent or even 85 percent.

Getting a referral for a job opening from someone who’s already working with the company can lead some pretty impressive odds for you. And though referrals make up 40 percent of new hires, only 7 percent of job applicants get this kind of referral. Clearly, networking isn’t just a potential route to finding a new job — it’s actually the most effective path. Yet most people spend 70 or 80 percent of their time surfing the internet for job vacancies versus getting out there, engaging, taking some chances and realizing that a huge part of hiring is friends and acquaintances hiring other trusted friends and acquaintances.

What is Networking?

Think of it this way—All good things starts with a connect. And what is networking? Networking is basically a connection established between two people over a series of connects and conversations. Simple as that. Yet many find it tough to strike one and even if they do, nine of ten times it loses its fizz over time. But, worry no more as this blog is dedicated to just that as it will help you in guiding some sure-shot ways to (a) strike a connect (b) hold a connect (c) make it stay.

How to Network?

Networking is really about connecting with people — and like everything else, being consistent and sincere helps a great deal. So, calm down the job search nerve in your mind a little and focus on making new connections and strengthening existing ones. Then, be sure to let those contacts know what you’re up to professionally and where you are looking to go next in your career. That’s networking!

5 great tips to strike an instant connect and network effectively:

  1. Be open– This might be one of the most challenging one amongst all the other ways. Partially because people don’t know what it means. Being open simply means to keep yourself open to new ideas, new thoughts and new people. It simply means to be more welcoming and less hesitant or judgmental. Once you start to practice be open and susceptible, things will start to change automatically for you externally as well. So be open.
  2. Share your experiences, share your stories– After all, how else would the world know more about you? This is why you needs to share your unique stories and experiences since is the only way people would be able to know what are your interests, what all you have been through and triumphed, what more you want to do and what are your strengths and capabilities.
  3. Help others– Have conversations that aren’t just about you and what can you do. Rather think about how and in which areas can you help others. Offer your help without expecting anything in return. Also, believe it or not but helping makes it highly likely of them sending help your way when you need it or ask for it.
  4. Be quirky, experimental and fun– Keep your connects light-hearted and fun, cause who likes to be so serious especially in the initial conversations. Please restrain from being outright transactional. No one, almost no one likes people who are just transactional in approach and if any conversation just means you want to get something out of it. Instead, a better approach is to build an engagement, be genuinely interested in people and their work, share your stories and engage with others. Don’t be excessively interested, instead be genuinely interested. This way, people will slowly-slowly start to recognise you and you will naturally get registered in their minds.
  5. Go out there, take more chances– Make uncomfortable, comfortable by going out there and taking more chances. For instance, initiating a conversation with someone from an entirely new industry that you don’t know much about but are interested in learning more. Also, try to get out there and network the old-fashioned way sometimes, meaning face-to-face interactions.

A quick tip for introverts

If you consider yourself on the shy side, don’t fear. Introverts are generally great at networking. One simple way to ease the process for yourself is to come up with some questions and topics to discuss in advance. That will help you feel prepared, confident and more relaxed.

Keep a connect and make it stay

The above points will surely help you with striking a connect. Although, these aren’t just enough to hold the connect and keep it going. In order to do that, you need to keep showing-up, keep revisiting, keep coming back to your network again and again. This will bring credibility and consistency which inevitably leads to long lasting impact on people’s minds. So the next time they come to know about a job that meets your profile and interests, then they will automatically think about you and reach out to connect.

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