5 Interview Tips That Will Make You Stand Out


Many job seekers worry about how the other interviewees are giving their job interview. However, if you are too worried about your competitors, it will affect your own performance.

After all, it is pointless worrying about stuff that is out of your control. You must only focus on doing your best. With that said, the following are our secret interview tips on how to be more confident in a job interview and stop worrying about your competition.

1. Focus on your unique talents

We all have certain abilities we really excel at, and this is what you need to focus on during the job interview. This is your talent—the unique service you can provide to an employer.

Hiring managers seek to find candidates that possess a certain set of skills to be successful in the role, but they also try to find someone who can offer a new perspective to the company. The manner you answer the question, “What value do you bring to the company?” make them understand what you bring to the table and demonstrate what you will offer to the business. Be sure to support your answers with examples.

2. Provide Concrete Examples

Most people have a run-of-the-mill resume that doesn’t showcase why they are a strong and suitable candidate for the position. Avoid this by providing distinct and concrete examples of what you’ve accomplished in your previous job that would be of significance in the job you’re applying for.

In a job interview, you’ll be asked a few behavioral interview questions that require candidates to share instances of a situation they’ve been in where they had to use certain skills. The answers must provide verifiable, concrete proof on how a candidate has handled issues in the past.

3. Use Evidence To Back Up Your Statements

An extension of the previous point, it’s important to substantiate every statement you make. This is mainly true with respect to your resume, where you should be quantifying your experience.

Don’t forget about the numeral figures! Find some numbers, percentages, or increases you can use when talking about your responsibilities and accomplishments. This can sweeten the deal and will help you tell the hiring manager why you are a perfect fit for the job. You want to have stories prepared related to the job description where you handled issues in the past using certain skills to improve performance.

4. Demonstrate Your Soft Skills

Soft skills can be the determinative factor between you and another candidate securing the job. A hiring manager is never going to directly ask you about your soft skills in an interview, so it’s entirely up to you to display them. The secret is to incorporate your soft skills as part of the answers to interview questions.

Of course, having relevant experience and job specific knowledge is vital, but it isn’t always enough to secure the position. Since many candidates of a similar skillset are often chasing the same job, many employers also evaluate soft skills in order to select the most suitable person for the job.

5. Forget About The Competition

Our final tip is to stop worrying about other candidates. You don’t need additional stress when going for an interview. Focus on what you can do differently for the company instead.

If you’re confident in yourself and stop getting worked up about the things you can’t control, you’ll have the right mindset stand out during the interview and secure the job.

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