5 Ways your Communication Skills can Affect your Job Search

Blog – 5 Ways your Communication Skills can Affect your Job Search

Technology has opened up various new channels to communicate with companies and recruiters. Each day, Agile Consultants receives over 2000 new visitors to our website and social media channels enquiring about job opportunities and market outlook in the UAE. Over the years, we have learned that communication is one of the most important factors in getting hired.

If you are finding it hard to get positive responses from recruitment consultants and HR managers, here’s probably how your message writing language and communication skills may be affecting your possibility of landing a job.

We have included some best practices to help you improve on your skills and increase your chances of successfully landing your desired job.

“Are u people hiring employees? what about visas?”

Be polite and respectful when communicating as there is a real person at the other end of the conversation. Being blunt or rude will not help you in your job search. If you choose to correspond with our representatives, ensure you have a proper plan as you may be being assessed during the conversation.

Try this instead: Initiate a professional conversation with a formal greeting – “Hello Mr. / Ms. XYZ. Hope you are doing well.” and then go ahead with giving a very brief introduction about yourself and explain the reason for your approach.

“Please use your personal connections and do this as a favour”

Not only is this unethical but also since we are paid by our clients, this would not work out for us and we’d lose credibility with our clients. Hence, unless your profile is a perfect match for the role, we cannot process it further.

Try this instead: Politely request if they can connect you to the concerned person handling a position that you have noticed on the company website – “Could you please help me connect with the person handling the XYZ role?”. In this case, you should always do your research first to check if you were able to find the concerned person’s name already on the job post and can directly approach them instead of going via someone else.

“Contact me if you have any openings”

The short answer is ‘No’; we cannot do that as we have over 1000 jobseekers asking us to do the same each day. It is your responsibility to check on the latest roles and apply for anything that becomes available matching your skills and experiences. A recruiter will not be able to remember the numerous candidates approaching them for multiple vacancies.

Try this instead: Follow the company social media channels to stay updated regarding the vacancies and register your CV on the company website to get it saved in the company’s database for the upcoming opportunities. Contact them when you notice a relevant opening – “I noticed XYX role on your company page and I have applied for the same. I have 5 years of experience in a similar role which makes me interested in this position. Could you please guide me further on this?”

“I just need a job in any field”

This statement makes your profile look weak and ruins your chances of finding a job through a recruitment consultancy. Our clients do not pay us to find “any” candidates. They need us to find us a perfect match to what they require to fulfill their needs. It is your responsibility to do the research and know which role is suited to your skills and expertise.

Try this instead: Be more specific in your request. For example, “I am a Mechanical Engineer having 5 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and I noticed a similar opening for Mechanical Engineer on your website (share the link from company website for reference). I have applied for the role and would like to request if you can connect me to the person hiring for this.”

“My husband/brother/wife/son is looking for a job”

This makes a very poor case for the applicant as it may express that the candidate is not proactive. Further, it causes for a lot more communication gaps as the correspondences may go back and forth with the contacting person with inadequate data and coordination.

Try this instead: If you notice a role that matches your relative’s profile, share the link with them and ask them to directly apply and get in touch with the company for follow ups.

Keeping in mind the above elements will help you immensely in your job search. Effective communication skills and politeness with the company and its team will help you and your profile stand out during the assessment process for a job opportunity. The right message, to the right person, at the right time will help you land your desired job quicker.

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