Common Mistakes To Avoid During Job Application

Copy of 10 Common Mistakes To Avoid in CV

1. Using generic e-mail subject line for job application.

The subject of your e-mail is very important if you want to grab the attention of a recruiter. Recruiters usually relegate e-mails with generic subject lines to the junk or spam folder. Make sure you’re using email subjects that deliver exactly what you mean and encourages them to open it.

2. Mentioning wrong / inactive contact number on CV.

Making sure that your personal data is correct is a given. But also the contact number you mention on your CV should be correct. Nothing is more embarrassing than a hiring manager trying to contact you but the number comes invalid.

3. Making spelling / grammar / formatting errors.

Job applications look unprofessional when they have spelling and grammatical errors.  If you’re bad at spelling or editing, hire someone to proofread your application or at least run it through a word processing program. It’s important to make sure your job application is error free.

4. Using unprofessional e-mail address.

An email address you use for job application should be a combination of your first name, initials and last name. Everything else should be kept solely for personal use. When you use an inappropriate email address to apply for jobs, it makes you look really unprofessional and may affect whether or not the hiring manager takes you seriously.

5. Random application for multiple roles.

It is common for people to apply for multiple roles for which they may not be suitable. This occurs due to the rush and need to get ahead of everyone which a lot people experience. Our advice is to write fewer applications for roles you are suited for, but put more time into making those applications stand out!

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