Cover Letter Myths & Tips


Myth #1: A cover letter is not as important as a Resume.
Tip: A cover letter is just as important as a resume.
Some hiring managers prefer to read the cover letter as an example of a person’s ability to communicate in writing. The cover letter can provide a glimpse into the writer’s personality and style. Use the cover letter to tell your story and make a connection to the position and organization.

Myth #2: Your cover letter is all about you.
Tip: It goes without saying that your cover letter should include information about your experience and supporting information about how brilliant you are (!), but it’s not meant to be all about you. Consider how your work experience fits into the broader needs of the company and how you’re a good fit for the role at this particular company. Include answers to these questions in your cover letter to demonstrate how you can add value to the employer.

Myth #3: A cover letter should begin with the salutation, “To Whom It May Concern”.
Tip: Do your best to learn the name of the person who will be receiving the letter. If this is not possible, try “Dear Hiring Manager” or add the title of the person who is accepting the Resume (if you know who that is). Try to avoid the guess work of title and gender.

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