Five Tips To Develop Your Career This Summer


If you want to see yourself grow it is important to spend some time apart on self development as much as working on your business.

It is essential to dedicate some time for the growth of your career’s success. Taking time to improve your skills can help you achieve your personal career goals. This skillset can then be applied to progress in your current career or can be expanded to earn a job in a different field or industry.

Here are five tips you can apply this summer to give your career a boost.

Update your personal brand

In this day and age, the first place people will look to find any information about you and what you do will be online. Google yourself and manage your online presence. Your profile should be updated to showcase your experience. Make sure it includes your photo, biography and links to your work. If you are a writer, it should include links to your content and if you are an artist it should include samples of your artwork. The more work you have to display, the better.

Develop your skills

Summer is the time where you can dedicate more time to online courses. Register for online courses that expand your skill set and keep your knowledge fresh, add badges to your profile and set yourself apart from other candidates. Learn a new skill or develop one you currently have. Just make sure to build a diverse set of skills that will make you more appealing to employers. 

Volunteer in the Community

Another valuable way to spend the summer is to take on volunteer work. You may find one that naturally fits your career aspirations. For example, you can volunteer at the local hospital if you want to become a nurse. While your primary motivation for volunteering must be to give back to the community, it’s perfectly fine to go after a position that will enable you to do some career exploration while you’re at it.

Network and build relationships

Summer is a perfect time to develop relationships and form new connections with people. Summer provides various networking opportunities to build up your professional connections and still have a good time enjoying the summer weather. Attend events, join a sports club, ask your friends to introduce you to their friends. The more the people you know, the more the chances for an opportunity to emerge.

Consider investing in a professionally written CV

We all want to enjoy our summer playing in the sun, going to the beach, taking a much-needed vacation, and just relax — not writing our CV for the job search, however you will always need a CV to apply for positions. That’s where a professional CV specialist can help! This will give you time to enjoy your summer as well as get your CV ready.

Don’t let the summer pass you by! Dedicate the extra time you have to get a jump-start your career this season.

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