Here’s What Job Seekers Need To Know About COVID-19

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Due to the situation created by COVID-19, most companies have rightfully engaged in hiring freezes. The situation is exacerbated as new visit and residence visas are not being issued. Below are a few things that can be done during this time:

1. Update your CV

Add any skills that you have acquired recently or any of the freelance projects you have been involved, research and include the relevant keywords; if needed, seek professional help. One can easily forget the accomplishments made in their role, especially if they have been doing it continuously for a long period of time. Hence, keeping track of the achievements on a regular basis will save the last minute haste of trying to remember all at once.

2. Upskill

You are required to take ownership of your professional growth in terms of developing both hard and soft skills however, it is usually not difficult to upskill your career. Industries and jobs changes can take place at a rapid pace. Even while you are not looking for a job change, it is always a good idea to find ways to improve in that time.

3. Continue to apply for jobs that match your skills and experiences

Most of the companies have put their hiring to freeze. However, this does not mean that the positions are fully on hold. Those positions might have to be filled at a later stage and once you apply for the position, you can be called for an interview. Always ensure that you are applying for roles that match your skills and experiences else, you cannot expect you receive an interview call for the applied role.

4. Do not apply for roles that do not fit your profile as this diminishes your value

It is always advised to only apply for roles that fit your profile as applying for several roles which are not relevant for your profile eventually diminishes your value. It is very important that you research well and apply for positions that you are genuinely interested and confident about.

5. Be positive and optimistic

Times will change and things will return to normal, albeit it may take some time. No one knows what the short-term future holds. The COVID-19 virus will pass soon and companies will be back to their full-fledged operations. For those of you in a job search, stay focused and continue applying to jobs that fit your skills. 

Stay safe and stay determined!

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