Hiring Managers Assess Your Social Media Profiles – Keep Them Clean & Presentable!

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In a recent survey conducted by Agile Consultants on social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn asking participants whether managers check candidates’ social media profiles, the answers were at

YES – 48

NO – 120


Unfortunately, the truth is that many hiring managers and recruitment consultants now check social media channels to better understand and gauge a candidate’s credentials and their overall lifestyle and habits. Hence, in the current digital era where an individual’s social media presence reflects their personality, it has become extremely important to maintain profiles that are clean, up-to-date and value additional. Social media is not only a platform for networking but also a medium to acquire excellent opportunities.

Many a times, recruiters & hiring managers go about finding and approaching potential candidates on various social media platforms. A lot of recruiters make an assessment about the candidate even before the initial call for the interview based on their social media accounts.

Below are a few key points to have an impressive digital presence:

1. Maintain up-to-date profiles

These days an individual’s existence is confirmed based on their social media activities. Just like the software on a device must be updated on a regular basis to ensure smooth functioning similarly, your social media profiles must be updated regularly based on your new achievements, insights on a current topic and so on. It is always good to ensure that counter-productive information is removed from your profiles.

2. Manage privacy of your accounts

Recruiters often look you up on various social media platforms based on demands of the role however, they are only able to see contents that you have set to “Public” unless you are already connected with them. For example, if you feel there are contents on your Facebook profile which you do not want to delete but at the same time find unprofessional, you can always set it to “Friends” or “Only Me” that way no one out of your personal circle can check any of those information.

3. Make a professional appeal

Whether it is the photo you are using as your profile picture or the two lines of biography you have written about yourself, make sure it all counts and adds value. As we know, our profile picture is the first thing that gets noticed, it definitely needs to be presentable and professional. The words used to describe yourself in the biography creates an image in the mind of the reader about your personality and gives an insight to your interests, hence make sure to post a productive one.

4. Take care of what you share online

People judge you based on what you post or share online. Make sure to share contents that are insightful and worth reading. It is always recommended to share contents based on the current industry trends. Share your thoughtful views online about how an issue can be resolved or anything that can provide an optimistic outlook on a situation. Things that you share get you a lot more reach than you have assumed.

5. Follow the right influencers

It is always said that one eventually becomes like the one they follow or get influenced from. Be careful while deciding whom you consider as your influencer. Make sure to follow those whose contents are uplifting for your personal and professional growth. Remember, the audience of your profile notice the people and companies that you follow hence, taking care of the same is important too.

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