How Can You Stand Out From The Crowd During Your Job Search?

How Can You Stand Out From The Crowd During Your Job Search

Every job opening that is posted online attracts over 500 applications. While we know the job market is extremely competitive, it does not imply that you cannot get yourself noticed. In order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you need to set yourself apart by demonstrating the kind of value you can bring to an organization and how you will be a perfect cultural fit for their team.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you to be the most outstanding candidate and win your next job.

Get a perfect CV design

The first impression about any job applicant is made through their CV. Apart from your CV being easy to read, simple, and consistent in terms of design aspect, it should also reflect the job you are applying for. Below are some design tips to help your CV stand out:

Tip 1: Try a colour scheme that best reflects your industry.

If you are seeking for a job in the professional services industry, you must use dark and sober colour scheme. However, if you are looking for a job in the tech or creative industry, they you can play around with your colour palette. To go one step beyond, you can impress the employer by researching about the colour scheme of their organization and using elements of it to design your CV.

Tip 2: Use a CV layout that is easy to scan

The layout of your CV performs a major role in your application moving ahead. To ensure your CV is easy to scan and stands out from the crowd, you can try the below:

– Divide the content under relevant headings, subheadings, and bullet points to ensure clarity.

– Use lighter and darker versions of your selected colours to ensure the key points are highly noticeable.

– Use infographics to highlight the most important information

IMPORTANT: Always use CV design that is scannable by various screening tools

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Include your hobbies and voluntary experiences on your CV

Outlining voluntary experiences and courses that directly relate to your job role helps your CV stand out. Every organization seeks individuals who invest in learning and development; hence, this not only helps express your commitment to upskilling but also that you have a growth mindset, which is every employer’s desired quality.

Your hobbies and interests give a complete view of you and your personality. If your interests are related to your role or the organization’s culture then it is a bonus for you. This helps them remember you better and invite you for an interview.

Research about the organization

It is evident that if you are interested in the role, you will have a curiosity to learn more about the organization. Hence, before your interview, research about the business’ activities, mission, and values in order to express how you understand their goals and can contribute towards achieving them.

Focus on demonstrating your growth mindset in the interviews

Organizations seek candidates who can be a value addition to their team, are able to grab opportunities, and continuously invest in developing & growing. At the interview, provide instances about how you have treated challenges as opportunities and your failures as lessons that you have learned from.

Follow up with your interviewer / recruiter

Sending a post-interview follow-up e-mail to your interviewer makes it easier for them to remember you and also expresses your level of interest in the job. The follow-up e-mail can begin with thanking your interviewer for their time and for giving you this opportunity to meet with them. You can then refer to a few of the conversations you have had during the interview to demonstrate that you were completely engaged throughout the interview.

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