How to Stay Positive While Searching for a Job


It’s hard to not feel frustrated when you’ve been hunting for a job for quite some time. Not hearing back from a potential employer or failing to get the job after an interview can lead to feelings of sadness and defeat. But it’s important to remain positive to achieve success in your job search!


Talk about it

 It’s never a good idea to bottle up your job search frustrations, even though it might feel like you’re complaining.  Talking to your friend or partner about what you’re going through might be just what you need to feel a little better.
Speaking with fellow job seeker can help you realize that your feelings are normal. You can also look to a career coach or mentor to see what you might be doing wrong in your job hunt.

Create a routine

Try treating your job search as your full-time job. Create a regular routine and keep your job search organized to help you stay focused and motivated. You can spend your mornings dedicated to your job search and stop thinking about your job search in the evenings. Instead, spend time focusing on other important aspects of your life – family, health, personal growth, etc. This way you won’t feel like all you’re doing is hunting for a job.

Set goals for yourself

Getting hired for a job is made up of various small tasks, such keeping your CV up to date, and making sure your cover letter is customized for each job that you apply to (If you need us to help you with updating your CV, click here). So in order to reach the objective of getting hired make a list of achievable goals that you would like to complete at the start of the week. You can organize them however you like, but make sure that they are achievable in the set time frame you’re giving yourself. By doing so, you will feel more accomplished throughout your job search.

Acknowledge your achievements

When facing rejection on a daily basis, it’s easy to disheartened. While job searching, take some time to view your professional achievements. Place your resume or cover letter where you can see it as a reminder of how far you’ve come over the course of your career. Sometimes remembering what makes you a talented and unique person will give you a boost of confidence.

Treat yourself

If you job search seems to be going nowhere fast on a certain day, take a break and prioritize yourself. Do something you enjoy, such as grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, going to the park, or sitting down at Starbucks with an iced coffee and a good book. Finding a job is no easy feat, cutting yourself some slack can help lift your spirit and put a more positive spin on your job search.

Get inspired

Visualization techniques can work wonders in motivating people to achieve their goals. Think of a purpose or reason why you are searching for a new job. It could be that you want to earn more money or want to improve your career so you can create a better life for your family. Whatever it is, continually remind yourself, especially when things look bleak, about the reasons you are looking for a job. This can help you stay positive (and productive) during your job search.

Remember finding a job is often a slow and steady race. Even if it seems to be taking forever, once you find that break it will be worth all the effort and time you spent dealing with a difficult job search.

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