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While major portion of the years 2020 and 2021 were spent in figuring out ways to cope with the stresses and uncertainties in the job market, we all have an optimistic outlook and expectations to succeed in the year 2022.

If you are an active or a passive job seeker looking to make a move to the next level in your career, the below tips can help you prepare better for your job search in 2022.

Grow Your Network

While most job seekers are continuing to rely on the usual job search portals alone; in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something beyond the rest to get noticed. It is a good idea to connect with the hiring managers of your dream corporates to build your network and keep them updated of the fact that you are interested to join them. However, it is even more important to have your presence built on LinkedIn wherein you have an optimized profile that shows up in the recruiters’ searches. It is also important for your LinkedIn profile to look extremely organized and presentable.

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Upskill Yourself

Learning new skills has been one of the biggest trends in the recent times which includes gaining new certifications or developing interpersonal skills to become more competitive as job seekers. Leaning a new skill helps you explore different roles and industries that may not have been possible earlier.

Be Open to Contingent Working Models

This means not being permanently employed by an organization rather taking up freelance, commission-based, contractual, or temporary opportunities. This model seems to be growing rapidly in the current times when compared to permanent jobs. Not only is this a beneficial model for most employers, but also help you as a job seeker to get your foot in the door as a way to permanent work, boosts your profile, and lets you have an income source while you look out for permanent opportunities. You are also learning new skills and enjoying more flexibility in your career and working hours.

Follow a Proactive Job Search Plan

Earlier, the only mode of recruitment was to place an advertisement to find potential candidates once a position was vacant. However, with the advancement in technology and recruitment strategies; organizations now build their talent pool constantly.

Hence, while searching for jobs online, you shouldn’t limit yourself to applying for jobs that are hiring right now but also be a proactive job seeker and submit your resume on the career/register pages for future openings.

Explore a Different Industry

While some industries have only started to recover from the pandemic crisis, there are others that are currently expanding with a lot of new opportunities. As you begin with your job search in 2022, research should be your main focus. Understand which industry has more scope for you in the coming days and upskill yourself to step into a booming one.

As we look forward to this new year being filled with greater opportunities and new career prospects; adaptability is going to be the key. You need to be flexible and keep your mind open to changes.

Wish you all the very best for your career endeavors!

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