Not Hearing from Employers About Your Applications? Here’s Why:

Not Hearing from Employers About Your Applications
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As a jobseeker, one of the most frustrating parts of the job hunt is not hearing back from the recruiter or hiring manager! Being in recruitment space, we understand the annoyance of not having a formal response from a recruiter. However, there may be multiple reasons why you may not be getting a response and we have listed the top 5 here:

1)  You don’t belong to the right industry

The job role that you applied for was industry specific and your past experiences were not relevant for the role that you had applied for. Applying for irrelevant positions does not increase your chance of getting hired.

2) It’s not a one-person decision

Although you’re sending in your job application to one person, many people (stakeholders) may review it before the decision is made to contact you for a job interview. And as your job application passes from one person to the next, not everyone will find your profile suitable. Since a recruiter can’t tell you that one of their colleagues/clients didn’t like your application, it’s likely that the recruiter won’t respond to your emails.

3) You don’t pay attention to detail

The job requirements were gender or language specific or open to candidates only from certain nationalities due to the nature of the role and/or company requirements. The recruiter could decide to only progress with applications that only match certain criteria like location, nationality, certain skills, etc.

4) You’re not qualified

Oftentimes, applicants apply for jobs that really don’t fit their experiences or skills. You may have been under qualified, or even overqualified, for the job you applied for if your skills or years of experience didn’t match the requirements listed in the job posting.

5) You submitted your application the wrong way

For example, you may have emailed your resume and other application materials when it clearly states in the job posting that everything should be submitted through their job portal. Also, sending your profile multiple times for the same position will not expand the scope of getting selected.

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