Reasons Why You Cannot Find A Job

If it has been more than a month since you started looking for a job, but still have not been able to find success, then the reason could probably be one of the below.

Problem 1: Not receiving any calls for interviews

Reason 1: You are not customizing your CV.

As is normal, every company receives a very large number of applications for most job openings. Unless you have customized your CV to be focused on the specific role that you are applying for, it will not stand out from the competition. Try customizing your CV to see an increase in the number of responses. If you need professional help, Agile Consultants now offers professional CV writing services. Click here to know more.

Reason 2: Your cover letter or submission e-mail is not customized.

Choose one or two elements about the company that caught your attention and got you enthusiastic to apply. Outline your skills and mention more on how you can add value to the company and its offerings.

Reason 3: You’re not applying for enough jobs.

Just devoting a few minutes each week to job applications is not sufficient to find a job. In order to get hired quickly, you need to constantly apply for multiple jobs that match your profile, ensuring that you are applying for relevant roles that fit your skills and experiences.

Problem 2: Getting rejected or not hearing back after the first interview

If you’re receiving phone interviews but unable to get to the next step of the process, then your conversation during the phone call is the reason for not being able to find a job.

Solution 1: Select something specific that you’re focusing on in your job search and find how it relates to that organization.

Think of an answer to this question – “Why do you want to work for this particular organization?”. Always have the answer to this question ready in your mind as every business wants to ensure you’ve thought well and are genuinely interested to join their team.

Solution 2: Do your research and know more about the company’s activities well.

Knowing the history, mission, vision, and activities of the company, how they make money, etc. will all help you answer the most common question – “What do you know about our company?” and have you well prepared during the interview.

Solution 3: If you were fired or laid off, prepare an explanation for that.

Not having a convincing explanation for this can cause you to lose the opportunity. Never blame your previous employer/coworkers. Be accountable for your actions and demonstrate the knowledge and experience you’ve gained while working with them and that you’re prepared for your next challenge.

Solution 4: Ensure clarity while explaining your past job changes.

Hiring managers and employers want to hear how you explain your job changes. They look for details beyond your resume while you explain your moves from one company to another. They try to gauge your motives, decision-making skills, and many other factors. Hence, make it a point to have clarity in your explanation.

Solution 5: Be clear and specific about your past accomplishments.

You need to be able to clearly explain your past work experiences, education, etc. Discussing numbers, stories, and instances about your achievements with absolute enthusiasm creates an amazing impression in the recruiter’s mind.

Problem 3: Attending multiple interviews, but not receiving a job offer.

Reason 1: You’re not modifying your answers enough.

To get hired, you need to explain your skills that perfectly fit the requirements of that particular role. When being asked about your skills, make sure to outline points on how you can help them and solve problems for them utilizing your skills.

Reason 2: You’re not asking relevant questions.

Ensure asking some strong questions to your interviewers. Not asking any question creates an impression that you do not care enough about the position or you’re too desperate to take on any job.

Reason 3: Your lack of interest and follow-ups.

Every company is looking for candidates who are excited to work with them. One of the best ways of expressing the same would be to send “Thank you” notes after the interview and a regular follow-up e-mail if you don’t receive any updates from the interviewers.

Reason 4: References.

Companies conduct reference checks only once they are on the verge of hiring you. If you’ve reached this stage and yet not received an offer, then the reason could be your reference contact’s feedback about you. Ensure providing references of contacts who you’re confident would provide positive feedback.

Reason 5: Salary expectations.

If you’re mentioning very high numbers in terms of your salary expectations, then that could be another reason why the hiring managers did not proceed further with your candidature. Always research about the salaries online or even through friends and colleagues if you’re unsure. Don’t let the interviewer feel that your only focus is money.

If everything else is fine and still you were rejected at the last stage then it could just be that the company received too many applications and some other candidate was probably a better match for their role.

In this case, the positive part is that you’ve made it through multiple rounds of interviews, did almost everything correctly, and you’re very close to getting hired.

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