Recruiter’s 5 Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

Recruiter’s 5 Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

Despite how common phone interviews are, they can be a daunting prospect for many individuals, who might not be comfortable talking on the phone and don’t know what to expect. There’s nothing to be worried about, though – with a little preparation and our phone interview tips, you’ll know how to ace a phone interview every time.

Here are some recommendations to ensure your next phone interview is successful.

1. Do Your Research About The Company

Most of you will not want to put in the effort of researching a company until you’re getting ready for a face-to-face interview. However, the truth is that phone interviews are real interviews and are just as important. Spend some time browsing the organization’s website. You don’t need to memorize the content, but you should try and learn enough that you can to what they do, who they serve or sell to, and their overall mission.

2. Follow your interviewer on LinkedIn

The reason people create LinkedIn profiles is to provide more context about themselves to others with whom they have professional interactions. This includes before, during, and after the interaction. Now, we wouldn’t recommend spouting off facts about the interviewer you found from his/her profile since that could come off as creepy, but that knowledge can be used to steer the conversation in a beneficial direction if you are tactful enough.

Don’t stress about the fact that you are stressed. Stress around interviews is often influenced by our assumptions or the statements we make to ourselves about the process. Identifying and countering anxiety-provoking thoughts can help to lower levels of anxiety.

4. Keep your tools handy

Make sure to have your resume, cover letter, and the job description handy, whether in paper form on your desk or a few clicks away on some Chrome tabs.

5. Be Polite

Establishing a rapport is one of the best ways to overcome your nerves and set yourself apart from other applicants. Just be yourself – try to speak naturally (but still professionally) and don’t feel the need to be overly formal. That’s why you’ll want to use a friendly, conversational tone in your interviews, rather than robotically answering the questions put forth to you like you’re being held at gunpoint.

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