Remain Proactive With Your Job Search During Covid-19

Remain Proactive With Your Job Search During Covid-19

  • Continue to apply for Jobs

This is no time to be worried about the uncertainties of the market. Even though most companies are experiencing slow business, there are still many companies that are booming and are looking for new blood to join their team. Keep applying for opportunities with us, on LinkedIn, Indeed and other job sites.

  • Build Your Online Presence

While a resume/CV is a great way to showcase your experience and skill set, it is not always the most conventional way of doing so in this generation. Especially now, when employers check for your digital footprint online. Consider creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself that reflects your experiences, skills, highlights, etc. This will also open up your world to recruiters and opportunities that will enhance your job search process.

  • Network

Reach out to people, that would include friends, past colleagues, family, connections on LinkedIn, etc. Connect. Ask them if they have noticed any relevant positions that is suited to your profile. Put a word across to them about your lookout for a job. However, also be mindful of the current situation and not just demand or expect them to help you. Concentrate on building a conversation rather than only focusing on your needs.

  • Learn New Skills

Expand your knowledge by learning new skills during your downtime. Take an hour of your time to dedicate yourself to studying something new each day. Employers look for candidates who are productive, are adaptable and eager to learn. Also, be sure to let your interviewer know what you have done on your downtime during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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