A simple keyword hack to land you multiple job opportunities in just one month!

A simple keyword hack
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The secret to write a great keyword optimized LinkedIn profile that- CONVERTS.

Keyword optimization is a buzz word predominant and much frequently used in the marketing community. Why? Because the better your content (be it website, social media posts, profiles or for that matter anywhere there is content published on your name), the more are the opportunities for you to better position your online presence, get the visibility and rank well on search engines. And how does a good online presence and Google ranking help them? By increasing the chances of their being discovered online by manifolds. For example, for a business of automotive tools manufacturers in Ras-Al Khaimah, if they have optimized their website well then chances are very high that they will be visible in the top results when someone looks up for manufacturers of automotive tools in Ras-al Khaimah. Automatically increases their chance of their website, hence their business for attracting more traffic and leads for their business.

This simple trick can also be applied by you as a job searcher. How? By simply doing keyword optimization for your Social media profiles, job portal profiles, online CVs and portfolios. But how do you do that. Let us take you through a step-by-step guide on how to do keyword optimization for your online profiles, CVs and portfolios so that they appear in the top ranking when searching for a resource or job applicant aligned with your skills and experience.

1) Be clear about your targeted future job

Be very clear and specific about the kind of job or role that you are targeting and looking for- It’s crucial to do your home work to come as close to visualising your future job as possible. Reason being, the more specific and detail-oriented you get, the more precision there will be in the keywords that you will use in your profile and hence Google can track your profile more accurately for those particular keywords from the recruiters or company’s side.

2) Define how you want to position yourself

Dig deeper to draw an outline for how are you going to position yourself for the same- As a next step, you need to funnel down your research and drill it down as to how do you want to position yourself in your online presence e.g. as a subject matter expert, as a thought leader, more focused on consulting. Again, this will directly impact what results will come in front of the recruiter if they are looking for any of the above or related roles, and whether your profile will show up in that result or not.

3) Research the profiles of the experts who are your career aspirations

Do some research on the profiles of your career aspiration and role models on Google and LinkedIn- By doing this you will see how they have positioned themselves, what are the keywords they used in their profile etc. A word of caution, it is strongly recommended to only take an inspiration from it and gain an understanding of the prevalent keywords. In no way should you aim to copy their tone or voice because doing so will prevent you from finding your unique voice. Keeping an authentic voice is what lies in the heart of any messaging if the goal is to get a job that ties well with your skills and talent. So, don’t budge from that central message.

4) Create the messaging aka the first version of your online profile

Now after gaining some understanding of what your skills, interests, aspirational role will look like and also developing a fair understanding of the industry requirements, skills required, you can now start to design the messaging for the same. As an example, start with the top headings that are provided on your profile account, start making a broad outline of how and what information or details will you put in each section. This is the preparation for the next step when you will get more specific in terms of articulating the content and detailing it out further. The use of the word content in the above line is intentional because everything you put online or offline as a piece to get noticed, informed about, addressed and acted upon is a content, just like the information you put on your social media profile.

5) Fine-tune and add more details

As mentioned above, now is the time to detail out your broad outlines that you have come up with in the above step. When writing your profile, make sure to communicate exactly who you are, what you do, what are your skills and experience and how exactly can you help your ideal prospect who in other words will be the people you want to visit your profile and reach out to you for the open positions. Be articulate, be detailed but not too lengthy. The length should not be too long to lose the readers interest but detailed enough in terms of succinct and wholesome content demonstrating your expertise and skills.

As an example if someone let’s say is a BI consultant targeting for position in UAE based MNC and aspires to be hired at the position of a senior BI consultant then the profile copy or online CV should not just demonstrate your expertise and experience of working as a BI consultant but should also incorporate most of the highly searched keywords associated with when someone searches for a BI consultant or associated role. Like for instance the name of the top BI technologies that you have mastered or what are the industries that you have handled maximum of your projects in etc. so that when someone from that industry is search for a candidate with your skills, your name shows higher in the search results

A good description and message should cover who you are, what you have done so far in your career, how far have you come, where do you see yourself going and how as in how do you see yourself helping or your offering as you see yourself climbing up the career ladder.

Pro Tip: The trick to crack the code lies in details, authenticity, finding your unique voice and offering and making a clear connect of it with the market demand and relevance.

That’s it, if you practice the above 5 steps and are successful in writing an interesting and crystal clear LinkedIn profile, be assured that you are well on your way receive plenty of profile views and messages from a recruiter interested in your candidature. But you will have to be prepared for a little inconvenience since reverting to so many job opportunities and proposals might take up a good amount of your time ?

For more details and to connect with the right job opportunities in UAE for you, please write to us at  info@agileconsultants.ae

About us Agile Consultants: We are a talent solutions company that focuses on tapping into the complete potential of individuals and organisations, our expert team works closely with clients and candidates to ensure best results. With over 20 years in the region, we have built a strong network of partners and affiliates, allowing us to assist job seekers and employers with the same passion.

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