Strategies To Get Hired In The Middle East

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Job hunting can be a stressful and demotivating task if not planned correctly. In order to achieve success in in your job search, you need to stay focused and follow the job search steps accurately and consistently.

Below are 5 tips to get started:

Take One Step At A Time

Break down your job search goals and tasks. Plan your job hunt steps before you dive into it. Outline the tasks on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. Keep a track of your progress. Celebrate the smallest milestones – receiving your first interview call is also a great accomplishment and a critical step to landing a job. Do a self-assessment and also get advice from your network. Research and the latest job market trends to prepare yourself better.

Upskill Yourself

Competition in the job market is growing every single day. In order to keep yourself ahead of the game, you will need to make constant efforts to learn and upskill yourself. Take on new courses, build a new network of professionals, and learn from the experiences of your connections. Practice reading and watching informative videos that can help you learn the latest trends in your industry.

Maintain A Job Search Diary

You cannot remember it all hence, make notes. Write down every single piece of information regarding your job hunt. Maintain a list of companies and jobs you are applying for each day. Outline the name and contact of people you are connecting and approaching everyday requesting to help with your job hunt. Update the progress for each application. Most importantly, this job search diary will be a great tool for you to stay organized and follow up on your applications diligently.

Customize Your Resume

A customized resume helps you stay ahead of the competition while applying for jobs. Your resume should be a clear reflection of what are the key reasons for the employer to hire you for the role. A generic resume may not help you with all jobs. You need to customize your resume to focus on those experiences and skills of yours which make you an ideal fit for the role. Understand the job description and identify the skills that best meet the needs of the role. Emphasize on your top-selling qualifications.

Hope you have found the above tips helpful and would be applying them for your job hunt. For a more detailed list of jobs and platforms to search jobs, please download The Ultimate Jobseekers Guidebook for FREE!


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