Tips For A Successful Video Interview

Tips for successful video interview

According to industry surveys, most of the companies are shifting their recruitment process online, replacing face-to-face interviews with video interviews to keep applicants safe and to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are a few tips to help candidates to score better on video interviews.  

1) Tech set up

Ensure that your internet is working fine before starting the video interview. In case you are facing issues with the internet, try disconnecting other devices nearby. If the speed is still slow, make sure that you inform the interviewer beforehand. Test your camera. Test your microphone. Test your lighting and make sure to understand how it all works.

2) Select a proper location

It is absolutely necessary that you’re in a good location during your video interview. Find a place where you know you won’t get interrupted throughout the interview.

3) Dress professionally

Dress professionally and avoid colors that are too bright or too dark.Bright colors like yellow, bright reds, pinks can cause your face to have a reddish complexion on camera, so try to avoid them. Wearing solid colors would be the best option.

4) Don’t forget the body language

Don’t forget to smile at appropriate times and make an eye contact with the interviewer. Also, watch your tone of voice. Behave as if you were in an actual face-to-face interview. Don’t speak as if you were reading a script else, it would come across forced or over-rehearsed.

5) End the interview by appreciating the interviewer

Always thank the interviewer for the opportunity and their time. You can also send them an email with the thank-you note. In your email, mention why you’re excited about the position and how you would be a match for the role and company.

Here are some interview mistakes to avoid.

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