Top Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Top Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid
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1. Reciting scripts
It’s prudent to prepare responses to common questions (e.g., “Tell me about yourself”), but don’t be robotic. Instead of memorizing answers and repeating them line-by-line, focus on the overall concept.

2. Bad-mouthing your former employer
Being negative about your existing employer is one of the most common mistakes interviewees make. Frustrations and clashes arise in all organisations so a potential employer needs to know that you can manage yourself through this rather than simply calling it quits every time frustrations arise. Effectively they will want to know how you would behave if you were part of their business. Would you help move people forward or be a negative influence?

3. Boasting about the interview on social media
You had a great interview – but the worst thing you can do now is go to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and boast about it or post a revealing update to your friends. CareerBuilder’s survey found that two out of five employers browse social networks to research a potential candidate – with 65 per cent admitting they do it to assess how professionally a candidate presents him or herself online. You have no idea who will be browsing your online accounts after the interview either, so save your updates to share in person.

4. Being Unprepared
You need to know your CV inside out. If it’s a competency-based interview, make sure you’ve prepared relevant examples.
Research the employer, go over the job description and take notes on how your skills and strengths match up.

5. Leaving your cellphone on
We may live in a wired, always-available society, but a ringing cellphone is not appropriate for an interview. Turn it off before you enter the company.

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