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Agile – Celebrations Edited

Our Journey

Agile Consultants was formed in early 2017 with the sole mission to simplify the hiring process in the United Arab Emirates through digital channels like social media. With a lean business model, we set out to develop a young and dynamic team that understood not only the concepts of recruitment and corporate hiring but also possessed a strong understanding of how business is conducted in the region, including being well acquainted with the region’s business culture. Over the years, our team has worked tirelessly to provide our clients and patrons with the highest level of support and instruction to ensure that we are considered one of the best digital recruitment agencies in the region. This claim is evident by our exponential growth and expansion over the last few years.

As we step in to the 4th year of operations, Agile Consultants has grown to become one of UAE’s most trusted names in the digital recruitment space. Our focus is to be ‘available’ to job seekers and genuinely provide a platform that can assist in finding a job. We understand the limitations of being a consultancy and that we work on behalf of our clients; however, we do our utmost best to be understanding of our patrons’ needs during their job hunt, a time that can not only be stressful but also demotivating. We want our patrons to believe that we are here to guide them and provide them with the necessary direction they may need in securing their future.

Despite its growth, Agile Consultants’ main goal is to stay digitally active for our clients without losing the human touch. Our team is always available to listen and provide solutions & guidance to our patrons in the most professional manner. Our ethos & culture are based on three values – Trust, Honesty, and Clarity.

What our Clients think of us

Financial Controller
Shipping & Logistics Industry

“Agile Consultants help us search the right resource for the required job and Agile’s constant efforts to provide us the best candidates which would be the right fit for the job.

We also appreciate Agile’s continuous interaction with our company in order to understand the development and the growing need of human resources within our company.”

VP – Sales and Strategy
Electronics & Technology Industry

“Just like how they are named, the team at Agile waste no time in providing concrete responses to a client’s requirement. They are quick on their feet, understand client business needs and their basic domain knowledge across most businesses help them in zeroing in on right profiles in pretty quick time. In short ‘Agility is a way of life’ with this recruitment agency.

  • Ease of Approach and available 24×7
  • Simple in process and no complex hierarchy that can put off a client
  • Single window structure in terms of account handling that makes a client comfortable and not repeat themselves or their needs.”

HR Manager
Entertainment Industry

“Agile Consultants has always been my go to Agency for hiring needs. Their way of working is unique from the rest of the recruitment agencies that I have come across in the market. Their staff is friendly, good listeners and advisors. They study the role requirements and provide 95% accurate CVs.

I love working with Agile Consultants because they are one of the most efficient agency when it comes to providing CVs that are apt for the role required by the company. They are quick, helpful and understand the clients need very well. One of the best attributes of the staff working in Agile is that they’re always open for feedback and suggestions.”

HR Manager
Marketing & Advertising Industry

“Agile Consultants are pro-active in reaching their clients to meet the need of all their recruitment needs. They are having good numbers of resume database to choose the relevant profiles. Very reasonable recruitment fee, and convenient time frame for a replacement candidate. Moreover, I am a LinkedIn user, and found Agile Consultants very active on LinkedIn for promoting job openings. 

I was very delighted working with Agile Consultants to fulfill the recruitment needs of my past employer. Ms. Moncy was the first person contacted me to assist us finding the right candidates. She was my dedicated account manager and I found her very professional and experienced recruiters in the industry.”

Supply Chain Analyst
Manufacturing Industry

“Agile Consultants has always been quick in action in terms of meeting our requirements and expectations. They have always supported us in finding the best and committed candidates for all our challenging technical and non-technical roles for our different divisions.

We have been partnered for over a year now and the professional behaviour of Agile Consultants is always remarkable. There is always a sense of comfort and reliability that makes it easy for us to trust them with finding our new hires. Last but not the least, best part about Agile Representatives is their dedicated efforts at all times. Specially I would also like to add the positive & active co-relationship between us & the POC – Ms. Ameenah on identifying and approaching with detailed candidate profile summaries along with an effective follow-up to cater & sustain our hiring needs.”

What our candidates say about us

Candidates or jobseekers have always been the core focus of Agile Consultants’ business model and we strive hard to understand the needs of our patrons during a very critical time in their life. We do our best to listen and guide our patrons in order for them to find the best roles suited to their profiles. Appreciative words of gratitude from our candidates in the form of Google and Facebook reviews have always worked as a source of motivation for our team, by letting them know that they are doing a great job!

Click on the below images to read more about what our candidates have written expressing their thoughts about us:

Why our team love working here

Ms. Moncy Rodrigues
Operations Manager

“I like working at Agile Consultants because everyone shares the same vision of being the most digitally active recruitment agency in the Middle East and are dedicated to our mission of helping employers achieve success through people. This truly creates a positive atmosphere where everyone is there to help one another. I love that I have been given a great responsibility of handling highly motivated consultants which helps me add value to the company. Our CEO, Mr. Keegan Sequeira, encourages me to think out of the box and listens to my ideas and as a team we work towards making it happen. We at Agile have a great work culture where we are open to feedback and make ideas a reality.”

Ms. Krystal Dias
360 Recruitment Consultant

“The favorite thing working at Agile Consultants is the positive and productive working environment. The company values our feedback and there is always a strive for commitment to excellence. Everyone communicates in a cards-on-the-table manner, solving difficulties in a positive way. Compassion, respect and understanding has always been there since I have joined this small but great team.”

Ms. Alifiya Udaipurwala
360 Recruitment Consultant

“Agile Consultants’ values and ethics are a way of life and the practices are in alignment across the hierarchy. We all share the same vision and strategize to achieve our goals leading to the growth of the company.

– I also like the open-minded and transparent culture, which allows me to work freely, take additional responsibility, and maintain work life balance.

– The company is small but has the capacity to make a difference with the quality of service provided. The company has a wider reach as they have an active online presence across all social media platforms.

– The company provides us the platform and exposure to be innovative, brainstorm and take initiatives expressing our thoughts, ideas and creativity. In addition, we have been given the opportunity to learn on the job and upskill ourselves which is the best part being associated with Agile Consultants.”

Ms. Shweta Wavikar
360 Recruitment Consultant

“Agile Consultants has a spark of its own. I am obliged and grateful for having such wonderful bosses that I have ever had in my 7 years of HR career. Here in Agile Consultants, we grow together as a team and this is the most important and special thing about Agile that I like. Over here, I have learned two things in depth – “What is a Team” and “How a Team Leader should be” and hence, I am extremely grateful to be a part of Agile Consultants Team.”

Ms. Manisha
360 Recruitment Consultant

“Agile is a performance driven company. It has a set process which maintains the quality of the organisation. It has open culture and the management is supportive and maintains transparency while dealing with the team. The employees are well taken care of and are rewarded consistently based on the performance. The organisation always aims to increase customer delight.”

Ms. Ameenah Bhuiyan
360 Recruitment Consultant

“Working at Agile Consultants has always given me exposure to various learning opportunities. The best part about working here is the very motivating and supportive Management who encourages every single employee to learn, grow and bring out the best of oneself. The core focus of our Management that our entire team aligns with, is to help one another improve and grow every single day.”

Thank you for your ongoing support to get us to this major milestone.

Agile Consultants and our team promise to continue to work hard to serve you better.

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