What NOT To Ask In An Interview

What Not To Ask In An Interview

Preparing what not to say in an interview is just as important in preparing what to say.

We understand how stressful it is for a candidate when going through an interview process and even a simple mistake could easily cost you the job.

Below are a few questions to NOT ask your interviewer:

1. Do you conduct background checks before hiring someone?

This question will alert the interviewer to a possible problem with your suitability. Even if there is nothing to be concerned about, it will make the employer think that there is an issue that necessitates an employment background check.

2. What is the process before someone is fired? Are there warnings? How many?

It’s not a good idea to get the interviewer thinking about firing you before they’ve even hired you as this would create a negative mindset among the interviewers regarding your candidature.

3. Does your company monitor my web/internet/email activity?

This not only creates an impression that you might have something to hide but also that you intend to make an unfair usage of the company’s resources.

4. How quickly can I expect to be promoted?

The above question implies that you are not interested in the position you are applying for and that you are merely waiting to move on to something better. Instead, you could ask the employer, “What are some of the opportunities for growth at this company?”

5. Did I get this job?

This question puts employers on the spot and makes you appear impatient. Instead, you could ask for more information on the next step in the hiring process. For example, you can ask, “Do you generally do multiple rounds of interviews with job candidates?” However, if they are interested in you, most employers will give you this information before the end of the interview.

6. Where are you from? Which language do you speak?

Ensure that you never ask personal questions to the interviewer as that is not adding any value to your candidature rather creates a negative impression during the interview.

7. Can I work from home?

If the role is not meant to be a home-based position then it is definitely not recommended for the candidate to bring up this request. Some companies may allow you to work from home based on certain circumstances once they notice how productive an employee you are. Furthermore, during an interview your top priority is proving yourself to be the best candidate for the role.

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