Find answers to your questions about how we can assist you in the dynamic job markets of the Middle East and Africa.
  • Who are Agile Consultants?
    Agile Consultants is not just a recruitment agency; we have grown to become a dynamic force in the Middle East and Africa's employment landscape. Based in the UAE, we've achieved remarkable milestones, placing over 800 candidates across various industries and working with over 250 esteemed clients in the region. Our website attracts over 100,000 visitors monthly, a testament to our trusted brand and effective services. Additionally, our presence is strongly felt on social media, with an impressive following of over 500,000. This extensive reach and proven track record make us a go-to partner for both job seekers and employers alike.
  • What industries do you specialize in?
    At Agile Consultants, we are industry agnostic, meaning we cater to a wide range of companies based on their unique needs. Our flexible approach allows us to work seamlessly across various sectors, providing tailored recruitment solutions that align with each client's specific requirements. This versatility ensures that we are equipped to handle diverse job roles and candidate profiles, making us a versatile partner in the dynamic job market of the Middle East and Africa.
  • What is the best practice to apply for a job through Agile Consultants?
    The ideal way to apply for a job through Agile Consultants is straightforward. First, visit our user-friendly website to explore current job openings. Select a position that aligns with your qualifications and career aspirations. Then, apply directly through the provided link with your updated CV and relevant details. This streamlined process ensures your application is efficiently processed and increases your chances of finding the perfect job match in the Middle East and Africa.
  • What types of roles do you typically recruit for?
    Agile Consultants is adept at recruiting for a diverse array of roles. Our approach is not limited to any specific job type; instead, we focus on matching the right candidate to the right position, whether it's entry-level, mid-career, or executive roles. Our broad reach across various industries allows us to cater to a multitude of job requirements, ensuring that both employers and job seekers find their ideal match in the dynamic job market of the Middle East and Africa.
  • Can I send my CV to your WhatsApp number for job applications?
    For job applications, we recommend submitting your CV through our website rather than WhatsApp. This ensures your application is logged correctly in our system and reviewed by our recruitment team. Our website's application process is designed to be simple and effective, allowing us to efficiently match your profile with suitable job opportunities. This approach also helps in maintaining the organization and confidentiality of your personal information.
  • I need a job immediately; how can Agile Consultants help me?
    While we strive to assist you in finding a job swiftly, the time it takes to secure employment can vary based on industry demands and your qualifications. Agile Consultants works diligently to match your profile with suitable job opportunities. We suggest regularly checking our website for new listings and applying promptly to roles that fit your skills and experience. Our team is committed to providing guidance and support throughout your job search to enhance your chances of quick employment.
  • What is Agile Consultants' working process?
    Our working process at Agile Consultants is streamlined and client-focused. We start by understanding the specific needs of our clients, followed by a thorough search and screening of candidates. Once potential candidates are identified, we conduct interviews and assessments to ensure they match the job requirements and company culture. Our team maintains close communication with both clients and candidates throughout the process, ensuring transparency and efficiency. This methodical approach helps us deliver high-quality recruitment services tailored to the unique needs of the Middle East and Africa job markets.
  • I saw a job opening online, how can I apply for this job? Is the job vacancy still open?
    To apply for a job you saw online, visit our jobs page and use the search bar to find the specific listing. Once you find the job, you can easily apply directly from the website. Our listings are frequently updated to ensure they reflect current vacancies. If a job is no longer on our site, it's usually because it has been filled. Keep an eye on our website for new job opportunities that match your skills and career aspirations.
  • What resources do you offer to help improve my chances of success in my job search?
    We offer comprehensive resources to boost your job search success. These include professional CV assistance, tailored LinkedIn profile makeovers, and in-depth interview training. Additionally, we provide a free CV template to help you craft an impressive resume, along with a free eBook filled with valuable tips on how to get hired in the Middle East. These tools are designed to enhance your job search, making you a standout candidate in today's competitive market.
  • What are the key features that I should mention in my CV?
    In your CV, include your job objective, highlighting your career goals and willingness to relocate if necessary. Detail your previous job locations to provide insights into your experience and adaptability. Clearly state your specific qualifications, particularly for technical sectors, including details like institute and year of graduation. Include precise employment dates, indicating the nature of your employment (full-time/part-time). Show your ability to thrive in multicultural environments, reflecting your work with diverse teams. Additionally, for a more comprehensive CV, consider our specialized paid CV Assistance service. Remember to also include a photo, contact details, visa status, gender, driving license status, marital status, nationality, and current location as these are key details expected in CVs in the Middle East.
  • Where is your office located? Can I come to your office for an interview?
    Agile Consultants is based in the UAE, but we do not offer in-person office visits. Our recruitment process is conducted entirely online for convenience and efficiency. This approach allows us to connect with candidates and clients more effectively across various locations. For any discussions or interviews, our team will coordinate with you to set up virtual meetings, ensuring a smooth and accessible recruitment experience.
  • Do you hire international candidates?
    Yes, Agile Consultants hires international candidates. Our recruitment services extend beyond local talent, embracing the diverse skills and experiences that international professionals bring. While hiring depends on specific job requirements and client needs, we are adept at navigating visa regulations and relocation processes. Our aim is to connect the right talent with the right opportunity, regardless of geographical boundaries, enriching the workforce in the Middle East and Africa with global expertise.
  • I applied 3 months ago but haven’t heard from Agile Consultants. What is the status of my application?
    Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are only able to contact candidates who are shortlisted. If you haven't heard back from us within 3 months, it likely means your application for that specific role was not successful. However, this doesn't affect your prospects for other positions. Each role and application is independent, often with different clients, so we encourage you to keep applying to other suitable vacancies.
  • What are your charges for job placement?
    Agile Consultants do not charge job seekers for placement services. Our primary mission is to connect the right candidate with the right job opportunity, and our fees are covered by our corporate clients. Candidates can apply for jobs without any cost. This policy ensures a fair and accessible recruitment process for all job seekers, aligning with our commitment to ethical and transparent business practices.
  • How can I verify that my CV/application has been received after applying on Agile Consultants’ website?
    Once you submit your CV or application on the Agile Consultants website, you will receive an automated email confirmation acknowledging its receipt. This email serves as a verification that your application has been successfully logged into our system. This process ensures that we track and manage all applications efficiently.
  • Why can’t you just provide an email address to send my CV?
    We encourage submitting CVs through our website instead of via email for a more efficient and secure recruitment process. This method allows all our consultants to access your application, ensuring broader visibility and consideration for suitable roles. Email submissions are limited to individual consultants, reducing your profile's exposure. Applying online enhances the organization, tracking, and management of applications, making the recruitment process more effective for both candidates and our team.
  • Are all the jobs posted on your website genuine?
    Absolutely. Every job listed on Agile Consultants' website is a genuine opportunity. We work closely with our clients, publishing roles that we are actively hiring for on their behalf. Our team thoroughly vets each position to ensure its legitimacy and relevance to our clients' specific needs. This approach guarantees that each job posting is directly related to real, verified opportunities provided by our clients, maintaining the highest standard of authenticity in our job listings.
  • Why is the salary for some roles too low?
    The salaries for roles listed by Agile Consultants are determined by our clients and reflect various factors such as industry standards, the specific requirements of the role, and the cost of living in the job's location. We work with a diverse range of clients, resulting in a wide spectrum of salary offerings. While some roles might seem to offer lower salaries, they are typically in line with the market rate for those positions in their respective regions. Our goal is to ensure transparency and fairness in all job listings.
  • Could you please contact me if you have a job that matches my profile?
    We encourage you to regularly check our website for job openings that match your profile. Due to the high volume of candidates and applications, we typically do not proactively contact individuals unless their profile is a strong fit for a specific role. Keeping your CV updated on our website and applying to roles that align with your skills and experience is the best way to ensure you are considered for suitable positions.
  • Could you please help me land any job?
    At Agile Consultants, our goal is to strategically match candidates with roles that suit their skills and career goals, rather than placing them in just any job. It's crucial for your CV to effectively showcase your achievements and strengths. Often, candidates don't receive responses due to a CV that doesn't fully reflect their successes in previous roles. We encourage you to apply for jobs that match your qualifications on our website, and to utilize our professional CV services to enhance your profile and improve your chances of landing a suitable and fulfilling job.
  • Do I need to visit the UAE or can you hire me directly from overseas?
    Agile Consultants facilitates overseas recruitment, and many of our clients are open to hiring candidates from overseas. However, it's essential for job seekers to review the role details in our job descriptions carefully. Understanding the client's specific requirements, including their willingness to hire internationally, is crucial. By reviewing the role details thoroughly, you can determine if a position aligns with your location and qualifications, ensuring a smoother application process for opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Who will provide the visa?
    Visa arrangements are typically handled by our clients, not Agile Consultants. However, Agile Consultants actively participates in the coordination process. Once a candidate successfully completes the interview process and is selected, our clients, in most cases, provide the necessary visa sponsorship. The details and logistics of the visa process are communicated and coordinated directly between the client and the candidate. Agile Consultants plays a pivotal role in facilitating this process, assisting candidates in navigating the steps and documentation required for visa procurement. This collaborative effort ensures a smooth and efficient relocation process for international hires.
  • What are your hours of operation and how can we contact you?
    Agile Consultants is here to assist you during our regular hours of operation, which are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. You can reach out to us through various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We are dedicated to ensuring that you can easily connect with us and receive the support you need during our working hours.
  • Do you offer any specialized paid services for job seekers?
    Yes, Agile Consultants provides specialized paid services to enhance your job search and career prospects. Our offerings include professional CV Assistance, LinkedIn Makeover, and Interview Training pages. These services are designed to equip you with the tools and skills needed to stand out in the competitive job market. Additionally, we offer a free CV template and a free eBook filled with valuable tips on how to secure employment in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Why are there 3rd party Ads on your website?
    Agile Consultants partners with third-party advertisers to support the maintenance and operation of our website. These partnerships help us provide a wide range of job opportunities and resources to our users at no cost. The advertisements displayed on our website are carefully screened and chosen to ensure they align with our values and do not compromise the user experience. We appreciate your understanding and support in enabling us to continue offering valuable services and job opportunities to job seekers in the Middle East and Africa.