Compliance & Quality Manager

Location: Dubai
Salary: Up to AED 20,000
Job Code: 066/001/290
Industry: Manufacturing

Job Summary:
Managing and guiding Compliance and Quality across the business unit. This remit of responsibility mainly consists of ensuring a culture that is in line with the Group Code of Conduct measuring and controlling set processes, procedures, regulations, and certification.
Responsible for day-to-day maintenance of quality processes, procedures, and activities in line with divisional strategy and end-to-end compliance certification management for the Business.

Job Responsibilities:

Compliance Management
  • Ensure the culture of the business unit is in line with the “Group Code of Conduct”.
  • Review new and existing laws, regulations, policies, and industry standards and identify existing and emerging business practices, issues, and risks of the company.
  • Propose solutions related to compliance and certification requirements that impact the company's product and business.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of internal controls and identify inefficient business processes that hinder compliance.
  • Effectively communicating and reporting to the Site Management any Compliance matters related to ongoing projects and problem-solving.
  • Report to the Regional Head of Compliance – AMEA any areas of weakness in claims and report on the required monthly KPIs; problem-solving and issue-related matters.
  • Attend monthly compliance review meetings.
  • Work with the compliance team to review change requests, gather monthly reporting information, prepare for audits, resolve NCRs, and identify areas of concern in relation to compliance.

Quality Management
  • Ensure the necessary controls are in place to govern the diverse range of testing performed at all locations.
  • Work with Site Management to support site quality personnel, setting clear expectations, establishing accountability, and supporting and monitoring progress in achieving objectives.
  • Support Quality personnel training requirements to maintain competence, develop capability, and promote professional development.
  • Embed and drive a culture of quality assurance and quality improvement through the identification and implementation of best practices.
  • Support divisional standardization of critical procedures and processes in support of group compliance and lean initiatives.
  • Ensure the sustained fulfillment of customer expectations through the implementation of the IMS.
  • Support the implementation of e-lMS in the Division, ensuring full usage of the agreed modules.
  • Ensure local schedules that are in place for internal audits, proficiency testing, and Quality activities are appropriate to drive quality and compliance improvement.
  • Work with divisional, regional, and site management to support 3rd party audits and ensure that findings are responded to in line with the established quality system requirements, on time, and correctly formatted.
  • Authorized to maintain a direct reporting line to all regional and local employees with a dedicated Quality role.
  • Quality Management has the authority to stop, change or remove a process that may produce deviation from agreed specifications, or place the organization in breach of its legal obligations including but not limited to Suspending the production of products with known technical defects; Stopping production of non-conforming products; Scrap Non-Conforming Product.

Job Requirements:
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the field of quality and compliance.
  • Engineering Graduate or closely related studies - Post-graduation is preferable.
  • Good knowledge and experience in Compliance and Quality Management.
  • ISO Certifications.
  • Internal Auditors Certifications.
  • 6 Sigma Certified (Preferred).
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

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